Rent to Own in Ontario: How do you know if it is right for you?

Dedicated To Your Rent to Own Success!

We are committed to helping families with imperfect credit scores and lower down payments. Our number one focus is to educate our clients on what they need to do to get back on track so they can get ahead in the future through our Rethink Renting program. Want to find out more? Apply today for a free rent to own consultation!

The CMHC recognizes any portion of rent to own payments designated towards your down payment as a source of down payment as long as it is provided for in an agreement between the vendor or home owner and the home buyer.
You can get into a rent to own with as little as 4% down. Compare that to the 10% or in many cases, 15-20% the banks require for a mortgage. Invest 4% today, end up at the end of the program with 10% return (as equity). What landlord offers you those types of returns?

Why Choose Us

  • Family owned business.  We actually “want” you to succeed in our rent to own program and get a mortgage at the end.
  • We work with the best realtors to help you find a house you love within the budget you’ll love.
  • No micro-managing.  You will “feel” like the owner of the home from day one.
  • Imperfect credit?  We offer support because we care about your future as much as you do.

What Clients Say

Have been in a rent to own with Clover for two years and have had a great experience. They are always available to answer my questions and have helped me repair my credit.
Becky R., Belleville, Ontario
Loved that everything was transparent. No games, no added fees. Neil even met with us and spend two hours discussing the program without asking for a meeting fee like others we had talked to.
Samantha T., Brampton, Ontario

The Perfect Rent to Own Definition:

Rent to own, also known as a rental-purchase, lease to own or lease option, is a legally documented transaction where a tangible property is leased in exchange for a monthly payment.  The lessee has the option to purchase the home at the end of the rent to own term for a price agreed upon at the beginning of the term between them and the investor. If you are looking for Rent to Own Ontario, we can definitely help.