Is Bad Credit Holding You Back from Owning a Home?

We can get you on the path to home ownership today despite credit challenges

You are not alone.  Countless Canadians feel like they HAVE to rent instead of owning their own home due to credit challenges.  Worse yet, many have decided that NOW is the time to OWN their own home, found the right property BUT were not approved for a traditional mortgage.  Now what?  Renting again?  No.  You don’t have to continue lining the pockets of your landlord while they enjoy all the equity growth in the property you live in.    Instead of waiting until your credit challenges have been repaired, you can rent to own a house TODAY that fits your budget, your needs and will allow you to enjoy the great benefits of homeownership which include building equity especially in today’s market! Get the TIME you need to repair your credit, build up your down payment and purchase a home under market value (ask me how!).

You can rent to own with…

  • Credit Challenges (Consumer or Bankruptcy OK)
  • No credit
  • Self-employed
  • New to the country
  • Lower down payment than banks require

BUT we do require you to:

  • Be dedicated and committed to improving your credit situation
  • Want to select your own house
  • Be ok with NOT being charged any fees
  • Have $10,000 minimum down payment on homes up to $350,000 or 4% of purchase price above $350,000 (this is 100% credited back to you when you purchase at the end of the term)

Isn’t it time you started to invest in your family and their financial future?  (very hard to do as a renter)

Stare building up your ownership stake (equity) in YOUR home rather than just throwing your money away on rent for the next 3 years (think about $2000 a month X 36 months = $72,000 on rent and someone else’s financial future).

Interested in Rent to Own in Ontario? 

We cover most areas between Windsor to Ottawa and Orillia to Fort Erie. Contact us for more information.  We would be happy to answer all of your questions.

  • A downpayment shows your commitment to the rent to own. It also gives you a start in building equity in the property. A down payment is required for our rent to own program.
    As an example:
    $10,000 minimum up to $350,000
    $16,000 minimum on a $400,000 house
    $18,000 minimum on a $450,000 house

    If you do not have a downpayment and are thinking of looking at a no-money down rent to own option, please be sure to read the following first: Can a No-Money Down Rent to Own Work?

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Want to be in Your Own Home by the summer of 2018?

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