Single Professional Ready for Homeownership Financially and Emotionally

Felicia is a single professional lady who is ready to make the move from renting to owning. She is widowed. Felicia has saved up $35,000 for the down payment and needs three-years to get mortgage ready.

Felicia is employed with HBC in the role of Deputy Vice President, Strategy and Transformation. She started in this role in October 2020 and earns an annual income of $170,000.

A little time is needed to repair her credit which is currently at 602. While she does not carry much debt, Felicia will work on bringing up her score by lowering her ratios and using 90% of her capacity. Clover Properties-approved mortgage broker will be guiding Felicia to improve her credit and help her qualify for the mortgage

Felicia found a fantastic 3-bed, 3-bath semi-detached home in Hamilton. It features a finished basement. Located in a desirable part of Hamilton, this home is close to all amenties, transit, schools, shopping and is a short drive to the 403. This property is within 45 minute commute to head office but due to COVID, she has been working from home 90% of the time.

Next Steps
If you can qualify for a $519,920 mortgage (based on a 20% down payment), and would like to earn about $1,221+ in monthly cashflow to help this determined lady get into her own home, please call or text Rachel at 416-450-1940.

Investment Property Highlights

  • Your investment is $118,855
  • Estimated annual return on investment is 32% (based on a mortgage rate of 3.00 and 30 yr amortization –approximated)
  • Your estimated NET profit $113,194
  • Your NET monthly cash flow is approx. $1,221+ a month
  • Tenant-buyers have $35,000 for the down payment
  • Tenant-buyers has household income of $170,000

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About the Property

  • Target Purchase price is $649,900 (house could see multiple offers)
  • Target closing date is 30 days
  • Tenant-buyer agrees to pay $3,925 monthly
  • Monthly carrying costs $2,705 (or less)
  • Tenant-buyer will buy this house in 2024 for $748,050

Next Steps

  • Yes, I want to proceed with this opportunity
  • Meet realtor and sign conditional offer
  • Confirm your financing
  • Review inspection report
  • Review contracts
  • Go firm on the deal
  • Tenant-buyer’s $35,000 down will be used as the deposit on the property with accepted offer
Rachel and Neil Oliver
Rachel and Neil OliverCo-Founders, Managing Partners
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