Young Family Looking for Stability

Tyler and Alejandra are a married couple with two children under 10.  They have been renting for the last 4 years and have finally decided that they would like to have more control and stability in their housing situation so would like to enter into homeownership through our rent to own program.  They have partnered with Tyler’s father, Brian, to make things a reality. The couple has $50,000 saved for a down payment and have found a great home in the London area.


Tyler, Alejandra and Brian have an annual household income of $195,600.  Tyler owns and operates his on contracting business and Alejandra works with him in the business doing the bookkeeping for the company.  Combined, they reported $100,000 in income for 2021. Brian is in sales for Global Industrial.  He earned $80,000 in 2021.  The couple also receive child benefits in the amount of $15,600 annually.


The family has good credit – they just need a little time to pay down his debts ($72,000) which have been incurred through ownership of her car and his truck. Brian has very little debt and will just need to improve his credit rating to push it over the 700 mark.The family will work with a Clover Properties-approved mortgage broker to help get them ready to qualify for their own mortgage in 2026.


The family found a great starter home in family-friendly London, Ontario. The detached property has 4-bedrooms and 3-baths. It has a single car garage.  The house has already had a home inspection and is in good shape, just dated and needs some updating which Tyler, Alejandra and Brian are looking to do.  This home is located close to the University of Western, restaurants, shopping, transit and schools and parks.

Next Steps

If you can qualify for a $520,000 mortgage (based on a 20% down payment), and would like to earn about $700+ in monthly cashflow to help Tyler, Alejandra and Brian rent-to-own, please call or text Rachel at 416-450-1940.

Investment Property Highlights

  • Your investment is $108,100
  • Estimated annual return on investment is 36% (based on a mortgage rate of 3.75 and 30 yr amortization –approximated)
  • Your estimated NET profit $157,153
  • Your NET monthly cash flow is approx. $700+ a month
  • Tenant-buyers have $50,000 for the down payment
  • Tenant-buyers have a household income of $195,600

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Investment Property Highlights

  • Estimated purchase price is $650,000
  • Target closing date is 30 days
  • Tenant-buyer agrees to pay $3,719 monthly
  • Tenant-buyer will buy this house in 2026 for $790,074