Barrie Rent-to-Own Opportunity

About the tenant-buyers:

Earl and Nikki are a mature, married couple. They have one grown daughter who is not living with them.  Rather than keep renting, they decided to purchase their own home and invited Nikki’s mom, Beverly to purchase with them. They found a great house in Barrie that suit their needs with an in-law suite in the basement but were not able to qualify for their own mortgage due to delinquent credit item that they had no idea was on their credit report.  The three of them have decent credit and $45,000 saved up for a down payment. They just need a little time to rebuild their credit. They will need a 3-year RTO term to get mortgage-ready by 2026.


Combined, the three of them have a total household income of $186,303.  Earl works for FedEx and has been with the company since 2020.  He earns an annual income of $42,348.  Nikki works for Air Canada in a Customer Service role. She has been with Air Canada since 2022 and earns $43,929 annually.  She also works for CANAG Travel Services, also in a Customer Service role.  With CANAG, Nikki earns $59,946.  Beverly works for SSP Canada Inc.  She has been with SSP Canada as a Cook since 2016.  She earns $40,080 annually.


Earl has a credit score of 697.  Nikki has a credit score of 629.  She has a car loan which she will pay down over the three-year term and a Koodoo account what fell into delinquency for under $1000 which is what made the banks decline their mortgage approval.  Beverly has a score of 685 and does not have any debts.   The couple will be working with a Clover-approved mortgage professional on our team to ensure they can get a mortgage in 2026.


Earl, Nikki and Beverly have fallen in love with this semi in Barrie, Ontario. This is a family-friendly community in Allendalecomplete that is highly sought-after with ravines, walking trails, parks and schools. This house has 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, single car garage with  open-concept main floor with a brand new kitchen.  The property has a finished basement with rec room, bedroom and bathroom. Grimsby is located off of the QEW and is 20 minutes from Hamilton, 40 minutes from Toronto and 30 minutes from Niagara Falls.

Next Steps

If you can qualify for a $508,000 mortgage and want to enjoy $1,034 in cashflow each month,  please click the button below to indicate your interest in helping Earl, Nikki and Beverly Rent-to-Own their own home.



Deal Summary:

Term: 3 years

Purchase Price:  $635,000

Estimated Investment Required: $107,900

Estimate ROI: 28% (based on 6.99% and a 3-year deal)

Estimate Returns: $89,714

TB Down Payment: $45,000

Numbers Summary:

Monthly Payment: $4,944

Condo Fee: $0 (house is freehold)

Monthly Cash Flow: $1,034

Future Purchase Price: $735,092 (after three-years)