Belleville Rent-to-Own Opportunity

About the tenant-buyers:

Charlene is an established pediatric dentist and a mom of two kids (7 and 9).  She is at the end of a divorce and a settlement has been reached by the parties. Having owned a home for many years, Charlene is eager to provide her kids with that security again, while at the same time making a fresh start for herself. Currently, Charlene has $50,000 saved towards her initial down payment. She will need four years to re-establish credit and accumulate a bigger down payment. Charlene’s financial situation will significantly improve from the sale of the matrimonial home. As a result, Charlene will set aside about $200,000 towards her total down payment to ensure she can qualify for a mortgage on the property she is renting-to-own.


Charlene has been a dentist for 15 years. She owns and operates her own pediatric dental practice.  Her business income will be over $250,000 in 2022 and she is on stride to hit $300,000 in 2023.

In 2021 Charlene reported an income of $140,000.  Charlene also earns child tax of $4800 annually and receives child support of $16,956 annually from the settlement proceedings. During her Rent-to-Own term, Charlene will continue to report more income to qualify for a mortgage at the end of her 4-year term.


Charlene’s credit score is currently 581 and she needs time to re-build it. The matrimonial mortgage is still on her credit. Once the house is sold, that mortgage will come off her credit and her score will start to rebound. During her 4-year RTO term, Charlene will receive guidance from a Clover Properties-approved mortgage agent to ensure she is mortgage-ready in 2027.


Charlene has fallen in love with is a freehold town in Caledon, Ontario, which is less than half hour from her dental practice. The property is 1940sq ft and has a partially finished basement. It has an appealing open concept layout with hardwood throughout and granite counters in the kitchen. This home has 3-bedrooms and 1-bathroom. It is located 25 minutes between Orangeville and Brampton and in close proximity to schools, parks, transit and Highway 410. Well-maintained and located in a family-friendly area, it is the perfect home for her and her kids to make a fresh start.

Next Steps

If you can qualify for a $772,000 mortgage and want to enjoy $1,998 in cashflow each month, please click the button below to indicate your interest in helping Charlene Rent-to-Own her own home.



Deal Summary:

Term: 4 years

Purchase Price:  $965,000

Estimated Investment Required: $174,200

Estimate ROI: 34% (based on 6.24% and a 4-year deal)

Estimate Returns: $238,112

TB Down Payment: $50,000

Numbers Summary:

Monthly Payment: $6,985

Monthly Cash Flow: $1,877

Future Purchase Price: $1,182,976 (after four-years)