Cobourg Rent-to-Own Opportunity

About the tenant-buyers:

Kendra and Jason are a devoted couple with four beautiful children under the age of nine. Their dream is simple: to create a stable haven for their family by turning their hard-earned rent into a home of their own. The urgency intensified when their landlord decided to sell, nudging them toward homeownership sooner than expected. They’ve saved up $17,000 for a down payment. Their four-year plan is to build up their credit and grow their down payment savings through our Rent-to-Own program.


Kendra is a Law Clerk at McBride and Shields. She’s been there full time since 2022 and contributes $46,800 annually to the household. Jason wears two hats – working for Canada Post and TTC. Since 2015 he has been employed as a Canada Post mail delivery person, earning $61,129 per year. He’s been employed by the TTC since 2022 as a bus driver, bringing in an additional $61,235 a year. In addition, this family receives $31,200 annually in child benefits. Their combined income stands at $200,364.



Kendra’s current score is 597.  Jason is at 685. They’re ready to work closely with Clover Properties-approved mortgage professional to clear the path to mortgage readiness by 2028.


Their perfect starter home, nestled in the heart of Cobourg, boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Ideal for their busy family life, it offers a spacious living area, partially finished basement, and a backyard for family fun. Close to schools, shopping, parks, transit, and highway 401 – it’s not just a house; it’s where Jason and Kendra will make memories with their kids.


Next Steps

Now, here’s where you come in. If you can qualify for a $399,920 mortgage, you can be the catalyst for this couple’s dream to own their own home. Your estimated monthly cashflow is $984, creating a win-win scenario.

If you feel the call to be part of this heartwarming journey, take the next step by filling out the form below.


Deal Summary:

Term: 4 years

Purchase Price:  $499,900

Estimated Investment Required: $106,180

Estimate ROI: 25% (based on 6.04% and a 4-year deal)

Estimate Returns: $108,255

TB Down Payment: $17,000

Numbers Summary:

Rent-to-Own Monthly Payment: $4,128

Condo Fee: $0(tenants will pay this)

Monthly Cash Flow: $984

Future Purchase Price: $612,662 (after four-years)