Young Family Looking for a Home to Call Their Own

Sylvester and Roxy are married with two young kids. They saved $25,000 for a down payment and have stable, long-term employment. The higher interest rate environment is making it more challenging for them to qualify for a mortgage today. The couple prefers to rent-to-own because they worry the competition will heat up by springtime and they may get outpriced if they wait. Sylvester and Roxy found a great starter home in London, Ontario and will need to rent-to-own for three years.


Combined, the couple brings in $130,200 a year and have stable, long-term employment.  Sylvester is employed full-time by the Canadian Government in the Employment and Social Development sector.  He has been in this position since 2018 and earns $70,600 annually.  Roxy works for Waste Solutions Canada as a Vendor Relations Coordinator.  Like Sylvester, she has been employed there since 2018.  She earns $50,000 annually.  The couple also receives child benefits in the amount of $9,600 annually, which contributes to their household income.


Sylvester and Roxy have been working on their credit, paid down credit card debt and pushed their scores over 650.  The 3-year rent-to-own term will give them time to pay down a $15,000 car loan to qualify for their own mortgage.  A Clover Properties-approved mortgage professional is going to be working with this couple to help them exit into their own mortgage.


This detached backsplit is located in Cleardale, a very desirable neighbourhood in the London, Ontario area. The house is well-maintained and spacious, featuring 5-bedrooms and 2-baths. It also has a finished basement with living space and a full-bath. The private backyard has a two-tier deck that is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Conveniently located in a family-friendly area close to great schools, playgrounds, shopping, public transportation and highway 401.

Next Steps

If you can qualify for a $399,920 mortgage and want to enjoy $938 in cashflow each month, please click the button below to indicate your interest in helping Sylvester and Roxy rent-to-own this home.

Investment Property Highlights

  • Your investment is $98,180
  • Estimated annual return on investment is 27% (based on a mortgage rate of 5.94 and 30 yr amortization –approximated)
  • Your estimated NET profit $79,873
  • Your NET monthly cash flow is approx. $938+ a month
  • Tenant-buyers have $25,000 for the down payment
  • Tenant-buyers have a household income of $130,200

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Investment Property Highlights

  • Purchase price is $499,900 (estimated purchase price))
  • Target closing date is 30 days
  • Tenant-buyer agrees to pay $3,827 monthly
  • Tenant-buyer will buy this house in 2025 for $585,045