Vaughan Rent-to-Own Opportunity

About Vaughan, ON:

Vaughan, Ontario,where the local condo market has seen 16.8% growth over the past 3 years and 33% over the past 5 years []​. This trend underscores Vaughan’s potential, especially given its development, local amenities like the Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital and continued population growth. As of 2024, the estimated population of Vaughan stands at 333,668, showing steady increase since 2016.

As of April 2024, the average price of a two-bedroom condominium in Vaughan was approximately $777,000 and $751,000 in April 2023 – showing continuous demand for the area.

About the tenant-buyers:

Meet Stefanie and Othniel, a hard-working young couple with a 1.5-year-old child. They have been enjoying life in their Vaughan, Ontario condo for the past three years. Now, with the condo up for sale for $560,000, they are eager to transition from renting to owning. Although they have a solid employment and a strong $28,000 down payment, they need time to clean up credit to secure a mortgage by 2028.


Stefanie and Othniel have a combined annual income of $212,118, which positions them well for ownership in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), particularly in highly appreciating neighborhoods like Vaughan. Stefanie serves as the Regional Manager for Southern Ontario at Jutrods Medical, earning $121,554 annually since 2021. Othniel has been the Operations Manager at Maneuver Men’s Spa Inc since 2020, with an annual salary of $84,300. They also receive $7,200 in annual child benefits from the government.


Stefanie’s current credit score is 589. It is anticipated to improve as she pays off her student and car loans over the next four years. Othniel’s score was affected by an unknown collection item, bringing down his score. Having cleared this debt, his credit is expected to improve as well. Both are working with a credit counsellor and a Clover Properties-approved mortgage professional to become mortgage-ready by 2028.


Stefanie and Othniel love the condo they have been renting and are eager to own it.  Located in sought-after Vaughan, it is a newer, modern building, just five years old. The two-bedroom, 1.5-bath unit is perfectly suited for their busy lifestyle, requiring minimal maintenance and offering amenities such as a gym, pool, concierge, and a recreation/party room. The building’s proximity to Highway 400 and public transit options adds to its appeal. A significant nearby landmark is the Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital, the first new hospital built in Vaughan and the first newly built hospital in Ontario in over 30 years, which serves as a major economic driver and healthcare resource for the community. This adds to the desirability of the area, known for its excellent daycares, schools, dining, shopping, and entertainment, ensuring the property is not only just a home but also a wise investment.

Next Steps

If you can qualify for a mortgage of $448,000 and are interested in a consistent monthly cash flow of approximately $993, click the green button to seize this opportunity! This is your chance to assist a high-income couple in making their rental a forever home in a highly sought-after market.


Deal Summary:

Term: 4 years

Purchase Price:  $560,000

Estimated Investment Required: $108,400

Estimate ROI: 31% (based on 5.99% and a 4-year deal)

Estimate Returns: $132,801

TB Down Payment: $28,000

Numbers Summary:

Monthly Payment: $4,206

Condo Fee: $513 (tenants will pay this)

Monthly Cash Flow: $993

Future Purchase Price: $685,884 (after four-years)