Searching for the right home for your family is a challenging process – and can feel even more overwhelming if you’re navigating the world of Rent to Own for the first time. But just because you aren’t eligible for a traditional mortgage doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve innovative, high-level assistance. Real estate agent Steve Cicchillo prides himself on staying current with emerging real estate trends and new technologies in order to help you find the best home options to choose from. 

In a nutshell, finding the perfect home is about finding the right option for homes that fit your needs and budget at the right time. Rent to Own Smart real estate agents like Steve Cicchillo use their vast expertise for your benefit. Here are some tips from Steve.

A Technology-Friendly Agent Will Find You More Opportunities

“[I’ve embraced] many technologies such as social media and YouTube to be a smart agent for my clients,” Steve explains. He believes his thriving Property Patrol channel and active social media presence helps homebuyers experience Steve’s stellar communication style. Plus, it gives Steve tangible community recognition, which can translate to accessing a variety of affordable housing options for you. 

Does Your Agent Have Online Chops? 

Steve suggests asking your agents a few questions to see how tech-savvy they are:

Question 1: “Do you have any social media pages?”

What this shows: While most people have a Facebook account, many real estate agents have accounts specifically for professional use. Take a look at your potential agent’s accounts. Is it updated often and with care? Do they present themselves in a clear and professional way? Real estate agents need to know how to negotiate and conduct themselves both in person and in writing, and looking through their posts is a great way to see how they communicate and get a glimpse into their professional personalities. 

Question 2: “How big is your network?”

What this shows: Do their posts have likes and comments from real people or businesses? This shows dedication to building their online presence but, more importantly, that they have meaningful relationships both online and offline in the community. You want your real estate agent to be connected as they’ll be able to refer you to more varied, wide opportunities. 

Question 3: “How important is technology to your process?”

What this shows: In recent years, the majority of real estate agents will use technology in some way to find you the right home. Whether through their online networks, an MLS, or professional partners, familiarity and comfort with online resources is essential. Tech-savvy agents often find more listings, faster – which is an asset to you.

Don’t Qualify for a Mortgage? 

All of the above is true even if you don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. “I meet so many people who feel financially stretched and who have low credit. It happens to the best of us. What I try to make known is that there are options – great options – for people want to own, even when the banks say no.

Steve will help you explore how our Rent to Own program can help you get out of the renting rat race and start the process to own your home. One look at his YouTube channel will convince you that he is a personable, effective communicator you can trust. If you are looking to Rent to Own a home of your own in Stouffville, Newmarket or York Region area, get in touch with Steve by clicking here. 

Steve is a fun and hardworking agent who will use his entire tech toolbox to find the best property for you. 

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