Once you’ve qualified for our Rent to Own program, you start house-hunting. Searching for a home in a competitive market can be stressful. The right real estate agent can make all the difference. Clover Properties Rent to Own Smart Agents are top-notch. They help you find what you’re looking for where you’re looking – and walk you through the process step by step. This week we’re putting the spotlight on one of the experienced agents who can help you find the perfect home to Rent to Own: Steve Cicchillo.

Steve obtained his Property Management license and worked in the Vancouver area, managing a vast portfolio of condos and rental properties. He later moved into real estate sales with Keller Williams in Ontario and met Rachel Oliver through a Keller Williams training workshop.  

Clover Properties: Hi Steve! How did you get into real estate? Which areas do you work in?

Steve: In 2001 I obtained my Property Management License and Worked in the Vancouver area, managing a vast portfolio of condos and rental properties. Later I moved into real estate sales with Keller Williams in Ontario. I live with my family in Stouffville, so the York Region area is my specialty.

Clover Properties: What makes you a great real estate agent?

Steve: I watch out for you! As a former property manager, I’ve built my experience around working with all layers of the real estate experience. My clients trust me to navigate them through the buying (or selling) process because I am a strong communicator, sales agent, negotiator, manager and relationship creator. I make deals happen! I have an extensive web of network contacts that move the real estate sales process and use smart technology to help my clients.  

Clover Properties: What sets you apart from other agents?

Steve: I am an established YouTuber with both a product review and a Real estate YouTube Channel. I embrace the many technologies in our daily lives such as social media to uncover more affordable options and opportunities for my clients. I also love building relationships with my clients, the freedom to work in a changing environment, and having fun doing it.

Clover Properties: When you’re not helping homebuyers find their perfect home, where can we find you? 

Steve: I’m in a family of four, living in Stouffville. We enjoy road trips and growing our YouTube channel by reviewing products!

Clover Properties: Tell us about an interesting or exciting experience you’ve had since you became a Clover Properties Rent to Own Smart Agent.

Steve: I made a YouTube video reviewing the Rent to Own book written by Rachel and Neil. Great fun. Without access to a traditional mortgage, many people feel like they’ll never be a homeowner. This simply isn’t true. The Rent to Own process with Clover Properties is an incredible option. Contact me directly today to learn more. 

Clover Properties is a family-run company. Since 2009 we have helped hundreds of families across Ontario get on the path to homeownership. Our flexible Rent to Own program is customized to help homebuyers become mortgage-ready while they enjoy living in the home they want to own. If you’re wondering how you can go house-hunting to find a home you can Rent to Own, get in touch with us. Email Stephanie@StopRentingToday.ca.