Rent-to-Own Homes & Condos in Georgina with No Credit Check

Looking for a no-credit-check home, apartment, or townhouse in Georgina? Most people who are turned down by banks for a home loan look for alternative financing arrangements. In Georgina, we offer the best rent-to-own program with the most flexible and transparent terms. Our program allows you to buy any home listed for sale in Georgina with rent-to-own financing.

Georgina Real Estate Market Overview

The northernmost municipality of York Region, Georgina is located less than an hour from Toronto. This has earned Georgina as one of the bedroom-towns of Toronto. The average value of homes is cheaper here compared to nearby large cities, but prices are slowly increasing as more and more people are moving in from Toronto. If you love nature, Georgina is one of the best places for you to buy a home in. The average value of homes sold recently was $875,000, however, you can easily find townhouses and condos listed for $500,000 or less. You will find about 100-125 homes listed for sale here most weeks.

Why buy a rent-to-own home/condo in Georgina, Ontario?

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if Georgina is the right destination for you to buy a home:

  • Located on the southeastern shores of Lake Simcoe in northern York Region, Georgina is a dream destination for home buyers as it features lakeside living, wide open spaces and scattered sandy beaches.
  • Georgina is known as Ontario’s agri-tourism hub featuring over 100 farms covering about 17,300 acres of farmland. Farm produce are directly sold to customers, so you can eat healthy in this town.
  • Willow Beach, Holmes Point and De La Salle Beach and Park are the most popular waterfront parks in Georgina where you can enjoy a variety of activities including fishing and boating. The town’s location along Lake Simcoe gives the residents an opportunity to live close to beautiful beaches. Some communities including Jackson’s Point have direct access to Lake Simcoe. They feature resorts, and bed and breakfast accommodations, and attract visitors for boutique shopping and a variety of dining experiences.
  • Due to its location, investment-friendly government programs, and relatively affordable real estate, many businesses are moving to the town – bringing with them career opportunities for skilled professionals.
  • The population of the town is expected to increase to 71,000 over the next one decade. This will fuel the demand for housing. Buying a home here now may turn out to be a rewarding investment in the long run.
  • Families love Georgina for its small-town lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities, affordable cost of living, and 52 kilometres of Lake Simcoe shoreline

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How to buy a rent-to-own home in Georgina with bad credit

The process of buying a home is anyway challenging. If you don’t qualify for a mortgage due to poor or non-existent credit, the process gets even more complicated. we – here at Clover Properties – have an excellent rent-to-own program in Georgina. You can buy any home or condo listed for sale with a rent-to-own arrangement. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Georgina Area Highlights

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