Can’t Get a Mortgage Today?

You’re not alone! Last year 100,000 Canadians were declined for a mortgage*.

Hi, I’m Wasim Jarrah. I’m a real estate agent in the Greater Toronto Area, and I have some good news for you. The real estate market is always changing, so I have found another way to help you get the home or condo you want NOW. If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage and are tired of renting, please keep reading. Renting doesn’t have to be your only option!

You can still get the property you want to buy and start building equity through this reputable Rent to Own program. I have been helping families get into homeownership for many years and I know this can work for anyone who is tired of paying $20,000, $30,000 or more to someone else’s mortgage annually!

To qualify, you need a household income of $70,000 (or more) per year and have a 5% down payment. Even if you have low credit or no credit today, this program will work for you.

Best of all, there are no fees. No hidden costs.

*Study by Mortgage Professionals of Canada, July 2018

Interested in Rent to Own in Ontario? 

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