We Are Dedicated To Our Homeowners!

Simply put, we thrive on setting action in motion to ensure you get the support you need to succeed.

Clover Properties has been helping Ontario families get on the path to homeownership through a proven rent-to-own process. A family-owned and operated company,  they have helped more than 600 families stop renting and start owning.

This program is ideal for families who have been turned down by the banks or private lenders due to low down payment, debt or damaged credit. Customized for everyone’s unique situation and budget, the Clover Properties team helps each family find a home they love and gets them mortgage-ready within 24, 36 or 48 months – while they enjoy living in the home they will own. Nothing cookie cutter. Never any fees.  Click here to apply for homeownership.

We have an over simplified goal: To help you achieve your goal of becoming a homeowner.  We do this by helping you accumulate a bigger downpayment and support you in repairing your credit.
Education. Clover Properties believes that by educating ourselves, we can move further along the path to a fresh start and a brighter future. This is why we decided to write our book, Rent to Own: The Essential Guide for Homebuyers. We can’t help everyone in person but through education, we can ensure that more people understand what it takes to succeed at rent to own.
We are committed to helping families when they need help. Our number one focus is to educate our clients on what they need to do to get back on the path to homeownership and start living a better life.

Meet Our Team

Neil Oliver
Neil OliverRent to Own Homebuyers Relations
I have many goals but one of my biggest would be to educate more and more people on how to protect themselves and succeed in a rent to own. There are many people out there that continue to waste their money on rent because they still haven’t discovered rent to own. Hopefully we can reach more of them so that they can see there are other options available to them and they can start taking advantage of the market to build their equity and improve their financial position.

Simple.  Rent to own is an amazing vehicle to let people, who have made mistakes in the past, get back on their feet and start working towards improving their life, both financially and credit wise.  For me, the opportunity to meet and educate so many new people is the best part. Not only have I been able to impart my knowledge on others but I have also been lucky to meet some amazing people that have taught me new things as well.

Rachel Oliver
Rachel OliverRent to Own Investor Relations
I devote much of my time and energy to educating people on how rent to own works, where the pitfalls could be and how to determine if it is the right fit for someone’s situation. My big goal is to raise awareness about rent to own to ensure homebuyers are getting accurate information about their financing options.

I have always been driven to help people get ahead (likely a strong reflection of my marketing background) and wanted to find a way to start a business where the sole purpose would be to do just that, help people get ahead in life, Clover Properties was the result. Rent to own was a no brainer for me as it allowed me to combine my passion for real estate with my passion for helping people. Now I help them get on the path to homeownership while making a positive difference in their lives.

Janet Esau
Janet EsauRent to Own Homebuyer Support
I have been working with Clover Properties in a few roles since the beginning of my real estate career. As a realtor, I would often have clients come to me who wanted to buy a house but were not able to as a result of having some credit challenges. The reason I became a realtor was to help people and I knew that there must be a way I can help them. Clover Properties was the perfect solution. My clients were able to get out of renting and into home ownership while having the time to repair their credit issues. It was the best of both worlds, I got to help my clients find a house and my clients got to find their “home” that they would have time to work towards.

Rent to own gives people control over their living situation whereas renting does not. I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached by people needing to move because their landlord was moving back in or selling.

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