We’re a family business and we’re fanatical about opening the doors to homeownership when buyers get turned down by the banks. We work closely with realtors and mortgage professionals like you to give these families options that no one else will.

Over 500 Ontario families have trusted Clover Properties on their journey to homeownership and we’re on track to help thousands more. These untapped buyers have two things in common:

1. They need time to build up credit
2. They need time to build up a bigger down payment

That’s where Clover Properties comes in. Through our Assisted Purchase Program, your clients can Rent-to-Own today and start building equity for tomorrow. In other words, we’ll give them time and support to stop renting and start owning.

Do you have clients who may be turned down by the bank? We can help them buy a home so you get paid today.  Learn more.