Curious how we work with realtors?

Our network of Preferred Real Estate Agents across Ontario is growing, and we’d love for you to join us. We work with realtors who are doing more than just buying and selling properties, they’re passionate about helping families get into homeownership before it is out of reach.


Homebuyers who cannot qualify for traditional mortgage products are not the only ones who reap the rewards of the Rent-to-Own path to homeownership. A direct benefit to realtors, is that you can close on more transactions by working with buyers that otherwise would have been stuck renting.


Like any other industry, you need to understand the basics and collaborate with a reputable Rent-to-Own company to get professional education and support.


We have a 'Rent-to-Own Smart Real Estate Agent' program to help you:

  • Get the deal done and earn your full commission right away
  • Gain a competitive advantage and help more homebuyers own a home
  • Access untapped buyers that other realtors WON’T
  • Become a specialist in this growing niche
  • Get more exposure

If you’d like to learn more, tell us more about yourself. Simply fill out this short form and one of our amazing team members will get back to you right away to schedule a call.