Tell Us Why You Are Awesome!

Simply grab your phone and shoot a short video.

Record a video about “Why I am Awesome”.

Share a bit about what makes you unique, fun and awesome.  Be sure to highlight what makes you the best candidate for this position.

IMPORTANT: See submission instructions below.  Don’t let this intimidate you.  Simply grab your phone and tell us more about what a kickass A-Team member you would be!


  1. Grab your phone and record your “Why I’m Awesome” video. (3 minutes or less)
  2. Go to the App Store on your smart phone and download the FREE WeTransfer application.  If you prefer to use a laptop (Mac or PC), simply go to
  3. Send your video using the FREE WeTransfer platform to:   In the message section, be sure to include your full name.

We look forward to learning more about YOU!