Compensation for Referral

You can generate income three ways:
1. Once your client moves in and starts the Rent to Own program, you will receive $1500 for this referral.
2. If you have a relationship with a real estate agent, ask if they are willing to help your client find a property. Essentially you are giving them a lead that they otherwise would not be able to work with. For that reason, many real estate agents may be willing to give you a cut of their “buying agent” commission.
3. While you are getting compensated for a “Rent to Own Ready” lead today, you are also building up your professional credibility and pipeline of clients. Future business and word of mouth referrals will often come to you not only from homebuyers who complete our Rent to Own program successfully, but also from real estate agents.

Each month, if you introduce just two credit-challenged buyer who qualifies for our Rent to Own program, you can earn an extra $36,000 a year. No extra work or marketing is required on your part. Rent to Own specialists at Clover Properties do all the heavy lifting to help your client.

Qualifying Criteria

We have two simple criteria to determine eligibility and affordability to Rent to Own.
1. 5% down payment
2. Income to support the purchase price of the property

Income Verification

The following documentation will be required to confirm your client’s eligibility:

Self-Employed individuals may need to provide:
· Mortgage Application
· Two pieces of government photo ID
· Credit report (to determine whether client needs 24, 36 or 48-month term)
· 6 months of bank statements
· Last two year NOAs
· Business license or Articles of incorporation
· Last two-year business financial statements (balance sheet and income statements)
· Contracts showing expected revenue
· Child benefits

Employed individuals may need to provide:
· Mortgage Application
· Two pieces of government photo ID
· Credit report (to determine whether client needs 24, 36 or 48-month term)
· Two paystubs dated within last 30 days
· Letter of employment dated within last 30 days
· Last two year T1 Generals (Tax and Benefit Return)
· Last two year NOAs
· Last two year T4s
· Child benefits (if applicable)
· Permanent disability benefits (if applicable)

Down Payment:

To confirm down payment is in place, we require proof (bank statement) to show that the down payment is readily available.  The down payment is required when we make an offer and have it accepted.


If your client has made an offer on a property and cannot qualify for financing, please provide the following as quickly as possibly (time is of the essence):

-Realtor MLS Listing
-Purchase Agreement with all updated waivers and conditions
-Inspection report (we do not waive inspection in a Rent to Own)
-Status certificate and confirmation of most recent condo fees (if applicable)

Next Steps:

Please follow these steps to ensure your client’s file receives immediate attention, particularly if time is of the essence:

1. Submit mortgage application, income verification documents and property documents. Two ways to submit:
a) Through Mortgage Boss (under Money Market Partners select Clover Properties)
b) Email

2. Make introduction to your client by email.

3. We will arrange a call to explain how we can customize our Rent to Own program to suit your client’s situation. We highly encourage you to be on the line and listen in if possible.


About Money Market Partners – Clover Properties

Clover Properties is one of Ontario’s most established Rent to Own companies. They are known for helping hardworking, credit-challenged homebuyers become mortgage-ready faster. As a Mortgage Alliance Money Market Partner, Clover Properties provides a reliable and equitable alternative to help agents grow business revenue and expand their referral network. Neil and Rachel Oliver, the dynamic husband and wife duo behind Clover Properties, wrote the Amazon best-selling book “Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers”, and since 2010 have been championing a new and improved Rent to Own model that has had tremendous success. Discover why so many Mortgage Alliance agents trust this Rent to Own program and how it can help your clients.