Earn Full Commission When Buyers Get Rent to Own Financing

As mortgage rules continue to get more stringent, lenders tend to be looking for higher down payment amounts or more polished credit scores. Many realtors are discovering that rent to own can be an excellent alternative for homebuyers that have financing fall through or can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. Don’t lose the deal, offer them an alternative and earn full commission for your efforts. In fact, more and more divorced, self-employed and down payment strapped homebuyers are resorting to rent to own. Why? With their modest down payment, your clients can still “buy” the house you helped them select if they qualify for our rent to own program.

We are dedicated to helping people realize their dream of homeownership. That’s all we do. We have a solid track record and many success stories to share since 2010. Our rent to own program is customized for your client’s needs. One size does not fit all. During the rent to own term, homebuyers typically receive professional support to build up a bigger down payment and increase their credit score so they can qualify for a mortgage a the end of the rent to own term. Our homebuyers benefit from fair market rents and appreciation and can cash in on equity building opportunities that would not exist if they continued to rent.
In many situations a mortgage loan rejection doesn’t mean it is dead end for you or your homebuyers. Nor does it mean more work for you as the realtor. We do all of the legwork to qualify your homebuyer for rent to own. Plus we have the funds to buy the property under a rent to own arrangement. So you can focus on doing what you love – representing buyers.
We believe real estate professionals are an integral part of the home buying process and are worth every penny. As the buyer’s agent, you earn your full commission on the purchase price of the home whenever we purchase a house that your homebuyers will rent to own.
You did the work to help your homebuyers find a house they love. You deserve to get paid right away. Your commission is paid as soon as the sale closes, just like any regular buyer’s agent transaction.
You can still help homebuyers who are struggling to get financing because they
changed jobs, own a small business or need a fresh start after a divorce or bankruptcy. In fact, due to rigid lending criteria, rent to own may be the only option for many people. If you want to grow your business, you need to know more about rent to own. With the right knowledge, you can help more homebuyers, close more transactions and earn full commission for your efforts.


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