Rent-to-Own Homes & Condos in Grimsby with No Credit Check

You can consider buying a rent-to-own home in Grimsby if you have been denied a mortgage. Our program enables credit-challenged home buyers to achieve their goals of home ownership with the most flexible terms. It allows you to buy any home of your choice listed for sale in Grimsby regardless of your credit situation

Grimsby Real Estate Market Overview

Looking to live in a community with rural charms but without giving up the convenience of the modern living? Grimsby is probably the perfect destination for you. Located in the Niagara region, the city has a population of just about 28,000 people. It’s 25 minutes from the U.S. border and Niagara Falls and 55 minutes from Toronto. Scenic agriculture farms that grow a variety of fruits enhance the beauty of this place. Home to 88 wineries, the area is known for craft breweries and spirit distillers. Housing demand has caused the home prices to go up sharply so the average home sale price now sits at $700,000. However, for a small town, Grimsby has a large housing inventory. You will find about 80-100 homes listed for sale here most weeks.

Why buy a rent-to-own home/condo in Grimsby, Ontario?

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if Grimsby is the right destination for you to buy a home:

  • The city is located between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, so it is surrounded by a number of natural attractions. There are also plenty of farms growing apples, cherry, peaches, sweet corn and many other types of fruits and produce. If you want to have organic food in your kitchen straight from farms, Grimsby is the perfect place to live in.
  • Grimsby is conveniently located. Toronto is easily accessible via Queen Elizabeth Way. You can reach GTA in less than 50 minutes if you are not commuting during rush hours. The US border is also just 25 minutes away. The world-famous Niagara Falls is also within the same distance.
  • Grimsby features many outdoor attractions keep you engaged and help you be part of the community. Some of the landmarks include the Grimsby Museum, the Grimsby Public Library, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, the West Niagara YMCA, Grimsby Peach King Centre.
  • You would love the community spirit. Everybody knows everybody despite the cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • There are seven elementary and secondary schools operated by the District School Board of Niagara in Grimsby. Niagara Catholic District School Board operates 3 schools. They include Central Public School, Grand Ave Public School, Lakeview Public School, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, St Joseph Catholic School, Nelles Public School, Park Public School and Smith Public School. Grimsby Secondary School and Blessed Trinity Secondary are the two secondary school in Grimsby. 

How to buy a rent-to-own home in Grimsby with bad credit

To qualify for a mortgage to purchase your dream home in Grimsby, you must have an excellent credit score. In case, your credit is not good enough, you can buy a rent-to-own home in Grimsby. Wondering how to find a rent-to-own listing? Well, we – here at Clover Properties – can help you buy any home of your choice that is listed for sale on the market regardless of your credit situation. Our program offers the most flexible terms and is a perfect solution for buyers struggling with credit. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Grimsby Area Highlights

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