Rent-to-Own Homes & Condos in Huron County with No Credit Check

Looking for no-credit-check financing to buy your dream home in Huron County? Well, our rent-to-own program has helped Huron County home buyers exactly in your situation. You don’t need a good credit score to qualify for our program. Here at Clover Properties, we make buying any detached home, townhouse or condo of your choice with a unique rent-to-own arrangement easy and seamless.

Huron County Real Estate Market Overview

The opportunity to enjoy an excellent standard of living, unique mix of a rural charm and urban lifestyle, and plenty of job opportunities in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors are some of the features that make Huron a desirable housing market for aspiring home buyers. The county is known for agricultural technology and innovation. Home to nearly 60,000 people, Huron is called Ontario’s West Coast. You will find about 200-250 homes listed for sale in Huron Perth area. The average value of single-family, detached homes is $550,000, while it $430,000 for apartments.

Why buy a rent-to-own home/condo in Huron County, Ontario?

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if Huron County is the right home buying destination for you:

  • Situated along the Lake Huron, most towns in the county offers the opportunity to explore a picturesque countryside and experience a breathtaking sunset.
  • Most places in the county offer rural lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities. You would love the strong sense of community here. The county offers year-round community events, making it easier for newcomers to feel welcome and develop social ties. The county offers ideal surroundings for raising a family, working, or enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.
  • The county is rich with cultural, historical and recreational attractions. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities hiking, antiquing, fishing, canoeing, and snowmobiling. You will also enjoy shopping in friendly downtowns or exploring back roads and peaceful picnic sites. It also features rolling farmlands, wildlife conservation areas, recreation and entertainment.
  • There are plenty of job opportunities available

Best places to buy a rent-to-own home in and near Huron County

  • Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh
  • Bluewater
  • Central Huron
  • Goderich
  • Howick
  • Huron East
  • Morris – Turnberry
  • North Huron
  • South Huron

How to buy a rent-to-own home in Huron County with bad credit

Most conventional lenders would require a staller credit score to approve your mortgage application, but many buyers have poor or no credit due to foreign citizenship, self-employment, bankruptcy, short sale, divorce, and other similar reasons. Our rent-to-own program can be the perfect solution for you as it enables you to buy any home of your choice in Huron County. Your credit history is not taken into account. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Huron County Area Highlights

A quick view of the most influential metrics in Oshawa

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