Rent-to-Own Homes & Condos in St. Catharines with No Credit Check

Is it possible buy a home/condo of your choice in St. Catharines even if your mortgage application has been turned down by banks? The answer is: Yes. Here at Clover Properties, we enable credit-challenged home buyers to pick any home in the open market just like a bank-approved buyer. We make this possible with our unique rent-to-own program in St. Catharines.

St. Catharines Real Estate Market Overview

Located juts 25 minutes from the US boarder and Niagara Falls, St. Catharine is the largest city in Niagara region. The city is home to over 140,000 people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. You will never get bored here as it features many fun things to do. The city is host to the largest wine festival in Canada. The area is also known for its beautiful golf courses. Since it’s located nearly 80 minutes from GTA, many people are relocating to St. Catharines to benefit from cheaper real estate prices and comparatively affordable cost of living. The average home sale price is just $410,000 and you will find about 300-350 homes, townhouses and condos listed for sale here most weeks.

Why buy a rent-to-own home/condo in St. Catharines, Ontario?

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if St. Catharines is the right destination for you to buy a home:

  • The city is nicknamed as The Garden City as it features plenty of green spaces, parks and homes sitting on large lots with mature trees. The city is a heaven for joggers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the most popular trials is Green Ribbon where you can enjoy canoeing and kayaking also. Most of the 50 golf courses in the Niagara region are located in close proximity with St. Catharines.
  • The US border is just 20 minutes from St. Catharines. The city’s downtown area has attracted a lot of businesses after it was identified as Urban Growth Centre by the Canadian government.
  • There are a number of neighbourhoods to choose from if you are in the St. Catharines real estate market looking for a home. Some of the most notable ones include Port Dalhousie, Glenridge, Powerglen,, Downtown St. Catharines, Fitzgerald, Port Weller, Merritton, Western Hill, Queenston, Louth, Lakeport, Riverview, Grantham, The North End, Grapeview, Haig, and Lakeshore. If you have found a home in any of these neighbourhoods but don’t qualify for a mortgage, we can help you buy it with a rent-to-own arrangement.
  • Home prices in St. Catharines are on the rise due to an influx of ‘move-over’ buyers over the past few years. Investing in a home here may turn out to be profitable in the long run as you will build equity faster. If you continue renting, you will likely miss out on this opportunity.

How to buy a rent-to-own home in St. Catharines with bad credit

Buying a home in St. Catharines can be smart decision, but if you don’t qualify for a mortgage due to bad credit, you will need to find some alternative financing arrangement. A rent-to-own home with no credit check in St. Catharines is the best option in your situation; however, there are many different types of rent-to-own arrangements. Here at Clover Properties, we offer the most flexible terms as you will be able to buy any home in the open market just like a pre-approved buyer. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

St. Catharines Area Highlights

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