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Is Your Credit Situation Preventing You from Realizing Your Dream of Owning a Home? 

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Innisfil Real Estate Market Overview

With an average sold price of $850,000, Innisfil has become a competitive housing market in the past few years. As the population has grown to nearly 35,000 people, the demand for housing has surged in the town – located on the shores of Lake Simcoe. The housing demand has caused the rents to go up steeply. If you are renting, you are missing out on the opportunity to build equity at a time when the town has reported a sharp appreciation in property values. If you work in GTA but want to live in a quieter area, Innisfil is a great choice. It’s a small town with easy access to urban amenities. You will find 130-150 homes listed for sale here most weeks, so you will have plenty of options when you are in the Innisfil housing market looking for a home.  

Buying a rent-to-own home, townhouse or condo in Innisfil makes sense if you are struggling to get approved for a conventional mortgage. When turned down by banks, most people choose to continue to rent, but here at Clover Properties, we have an excellent rent-to-own program that provides the freedom of choosing a home of your choice and offers flexible terms tailored to your individual situation.  

Why buy a rent-to-own home in Innisfil 

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if Innisfil is the right location for you to buy a home: 

  • Two beaches on Lake Simcoe – Leonard’s Beach and Innisfil Beach Park – are the best attractions that the town offers.  
  • While Innisfil has a small-town atmosphere, you will have easy access to excellent amenities. During the winter months, you can visit the Farmers Market where the vendors offer locally grown fruits and vegetables, smoked and cured meat, maple syrup, baked goods, and so much more. Community events and festivals are organized on a regular basis, making it easier for new residents to develop community ties.  
  • This small town has become very popular among families looking for affordable housing outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto is located about 80 km from Innisfil. Barrie is also located in close proximity – just 20 minutes by car.  
  • You will find no shortage of options if you are a foodie. There are plenty of restaurants, diners and bars. 
  • The average sold price for detached homes hovers around $900,000, but you can find a condo listed for $700,000 or less. A large inventory of homes makes it easier for buyers to find a home in their budget and desired location.  

How to buy a rent-to-own home, townhouse or condo in Innisfil 

Most alternative financing methods such as owner financing and rent-to-own offer you the ability to buy a home with no credit check in Innisfil, but the problem is this: Not all homes are listed with these financing options. Most sellers accept offers from buyers pre-approved by banks. However, we – here at Clover Properties – have developed a unique rent-to-own program that gives you the freedom of choosing any home of your choice and building your own down payment. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today!  

Innisfil Area Highlights

A quick view of the most influential metrics in Innisfil 

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Our Program gives you the freedom of choosing a home of your choice in Innisfil

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Want to Stop Renting and Own a Home Regardless of Your Credit Situation?

We can help. Our program is safe and transparent.

Any home, any credit situation

Poor or non-existent credit (if you are a foreign national) can get in your way of qualifying for a mortgage. Our program doesn’t discriminate based on your credit history. If you are financially disciplined, we can help you achieve your goal of home ownership regardless of your credit situation. 

Extended support

We will be by your side until the full rent-to-own term. We will not only help you find the best property in your budget and desired location, but we will also support you in any way we can until the end of the rent-to-own term.  

Down payment flexibility

Arranging for the down payment is the biggest challenge for an aspiring home buyer, particularly if he or she is struggling with credit. Our program allows you to build your own down payment. 

Buying a Rent-to-Own Home in Innisfil in 3 Easy Steps 

Leverage our proven system and network of licensed professionals. 

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Fill out the form to qualify 

Provide basic data about your situation and home buying needs to help you determine if you qualify for our program. Fill out this form to take the first step towards realizing your homeownership dream. 

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Go on a home buying tour 

Once you qualify, you can shop for a home just like a pre-approved buyer. A licensed Realtor will take you on neighborhood tours and help you find a home as per your budget and needs. 

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Close the deal 

You stop renting and start building equity after signing the rent-to-own agreement. No need to worry about your credit or employment situation and citizenship status.