Rent-to-Own Homes & Condos in Pickering with No Credit Check

Are you in the Pickering real estate market looking for a home with no credit check? If you have bad credit, we – here at Clover Properties – have an excellent program that allows you to buy a rent-to-own home in Pickering. The best part is you can buy any home, townhouse or condo of your choice.

Pickering Real Estate Market Overview

Located just 30 minutes from Toronto, Pickering is known for its natural beauty, strong social ties among residents, a small-town vibe, and plenty of recreational activities due to its proximity to Lake Ontario. The population of the town has grown to nearly 92,000 people in 2016 from 180 residents in 1813. Pickering is now culturally diverse with a lot of people moving to the town from Toronto attracted by comparatively affordable housing options and slower pace of life. The average sale price for detached homes is $900,000, but you can easily find a 3-bedroom condo or townhouse listed for $500,000 or less.

Why buy a rent-to-own home/condo in Pickering, Ontario?

The following real estate market overview will help you decide if Pickering is the right destination for you to buy a home:

  • Pickering is one of the most affordable cities in Greater Toronto Area. You will find about 150-200 homes and condos listed for sale here most weeks. A large housing inventory makes it easier to find a home in your desired location and budget.
  • Pickering has been designated as one of the two urban growth centres in the Durham Region. This will ensure a steady flow of investment to improve the city’s infrastructure and business opportunities. Buying a home here may turn out to be a great long-term investment.
  • While the city’s close proximity to Toronto makes it popular among professionals who want to commute to work on a daily basis without giving up on quiet life, Pickering itself is thriving job market. There are over 2000 employers and you will find plenty of career opportunities in almost every sector. The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is the largest employer.
  • Four school boards – The Durham District School Board, the Durham Catholic District School Board, the Conseil scolaire Viamonde and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud – operate over 20 elementary and secondary schools in Pickering.
  • If you are an outdoor person, you would love living in Pickering. The city features over 85 public parks. The city’s location along the northern shore of Lake Ontario offers residents the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and waterfront trails. Frenchman’s Bay is a popular hangout place among locals as well as visitors. You can enjoy skating, swimming, tennis, squash and a host of other activities at the Pickering Recreation Complex.
  • Highbush, West Shore, Woodlands, Amberlea, Town Centre, Liverpool, Whitevale, Clearmont, Kinsale, Rosebank, and Seaton are among the best neighbourhoods to buy a home in Pickering.

How to buy a rent-to-own home in Pickering with bad credit

Buying a home is anyway a cumbersome process and if you don’t qualify for a mortgage, it becomes even more challenging. Many families continue to waste money on rent because their credit situation doesn’t allow them to buy a home. For these families, we – here at Clover Properties – have an excellent rent-to-own program in Pickering. You can buy any home or condo listed for sale with a rent-to-own arrangement. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Pickering Area Highlights

A quick view of the most influential metrics in Pickering

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