Rent to Own Homes & Condos in Georgina

Looking for a home, apartment, or townhouse in rent to own homes Georgina? Most people who are turned down by banks for a home loan look for alternative financing arrangements. In Georgina, we offer the best rent to own program with the most flexible and transparent terms. Our program allows you to buy any home listed for sale in Georgina with rent to own financing.

Georgina Real Estate Market Overview

The northernmost municipality of York Region, rent to own homes Georgina is located less than an hour from Toronto. This has earned Georgina as one of the bedroom-towns of Toronto. The average value of homes is cheaper here compared to nearby large cities, but prices are slowly increasing as more and more people are moving in from Toronto. If you love nature, Georgina is one of the best places for you to buy a home in. The average value of homes sold recently was $975,000.

You can become a homeowner with Rent to Own Homes Georgina today!


  1. Improved credit: Increase your chances of qualifying for a traditional mortgage in 2-3 years while living in your new home.
  2. Flexible qualifications: Credit is not the crucial factor for approval, we look at the the entire picture including income, situation and downpayment.
  3. Credit coaching: We work with you; answer your questions and support your journey to a better credit rating through the program.
  4. You choose the house: We provide the budget, You shop for and buy the house you want.
  5. Increased security: We use legally-binding agreements that we advise you check and have evaluated by your lawyer.
  6. Set the house price: Lock in your future purchase price today and beat rising house prices. The purchase price you will pay at the end of the rent to own term is set at the beginning of the rent to own term and is locked into the agreements.
  7. Build equity: Build your equity faster and greater with your starting down payment and monthly option credits as compared to the first few years of a conventional mortgage.
  8. Fixed payments: Just as the house purchase price is fixed, your monthly payments are also locked in and does not increase anytime during the program.
  9. Flexible terms: Choose the ideal solution that works for you whether it’s a longer term or an early purchase option if you are able to qualify for your own mortgage earlier.
  10. Keep owner privileges: Renovate and update as if it were your own. All upgrades belong to you when you purchase at the end. Make it your own.
  11. No first and last:    We do not require first/last payments.  Your downpayment is all that is needed (when we get an accepted offer) and is credited back to you 100% when you purchase the property at the end of the rent to own term. Your first payment will be due on the day of closing when you get the keys.
  12. Low down payment: With as little as $15,000 or 3-4% of the purchase price* you can begin the process of owning your home. 

Best places to buy a home rent to own home, condo/apartment, townhouse in Georgina:

  • Keswick North
  • Keswick South
  • Baldwin
  • Bellhaven
  • Sutton-Jacksons Point
  • Pefferlaw
  • Virginia

How to buy a rent to own home in Georgina with bad credit

The process of buying a home is always challenging. If you don’t qualify for a mortgage due to poor or non-existent credit, the process gets even more complicated. we – here at Clover Properties – have an excellent rent-to-own program in Georgina. You can buy any home or condo listed for sale with a rent-to-own arrangement. Get in touch with us to learn more!

What does rent to own look like in Georgina?

A quick view of the rent to own metrics in Georgina

List Price



Down Payment



Average Monthly Payment

$5,100 (1,134 goes towards the down payment credit)


Future Purchase Price (4 year-term)