Looking for a WIN-WIN Rent to Own Investment Opportunity?

Do you want to invest with a social CONSCIENCE?


Invest in rent-to-own with a social conscienceInvest with a purpose.  It used to be that investing was ONLY about making money.  Don’t get me wrong, you WILL still make money but at the same time you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

We have been in business for four years and have worked with everyone from the novice investor to the most seasoned, so if you are looking to make a difference in someone else’s life while making a great profit yourself, contact us to find out what we can do to make that happen!

You can enjoy passive monthly income ($250-700) as well as long-term appreciation.  Best yet is that investments in Rent-to-Own are short term so your money is only tied up for a three year window.  Imagine your money making you 60%+ ROI over three years!  Real estate is the most secure form of investment and it has show time and time again to out perform mutual funds, GIC’s and RRSP’s.

Clover Properties proven formula for rent-to-own investing is designed to provide you with above-average return on your investment with minimal effort on your end! You can enjoy the power of real estate investing without having to deal with traditional landlord headaches like plugged toilets and leaky faucets.

Here are the benefits of investing in our rent-to-own program:

Pre-qualified and screened tenants with a minimum of 2.5% – 5% down.  Takes the work of qualifying tenants off of your plate.

Clear exit strategy.  The tenant-buyer will be purchasing the home outright at the end of the rent-to-own program.

Mainenance and repair free investment property.  The tenant-buyer covers the costs on all repairs and maintenance.

Turn-key and hands off investing experience.  We do all the work for you.  Just sit back and enjoy the profits of your labour.

Maximized cash flow and maximized three year returns on all of our rent-to-own opportunities.

The knowledge that you are helping another family get on the path to home ownership with your investment.

NO membership fees.  All of our investors are treated equally and our deals are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Please contact us for our current opportunities.

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Contact Information:

Rachel Oliver / email:  rachel@renting2own.ca  /  phone:  416-450-1940