Searching for a real estate agent that suits your specific needs is not an easy task, primarily if you’ve never worked with an agent before. With the number of agents available to service potential homebuyers, it can often feel overwhelming to sift through flyers or websites to find a diamond in the ruff. For Rent-to-Own Smart real estate agent, George Gonsalves, it is his 25+ years of experience that resonates with families who are ready for homeownership. 

George is grateful for the client referrals he receives thanks to his longtime commitment to helping people buy and sell their homes successfully. With a whole lot of experience under his belt, George is ready to share some of his tips for tapping your existing network to find an agent that comes pre-approved.

  • Determine Must-Have Qualities of Your Ideal Agent

It’s essential to begin your search by narrowing down the top qualities you are looking for in an agent. Some of these qualities may include their ability to listen, their specific expertise in the real estate market, or how well they know a particular neighbourhood or city you are interested in. Without narrowing down your must-have qualities in an agent, you could risk working with somebody who won’t be able to understand your particular goals.

  • Reach Out to Your Network for Recommendations 

Word of mouth is important, and that means your best bet for finding your perfect match is to reach out to the people you already know. Trusted family and friends are a great resource to help you understand where you need to begin your search. Often, those who have had a positive home buying experience are more than willing to share the name of their agent or others they may have connected with along the way. Reading reviews online may also be helpful, but it’s nice to get reassurance from people you trust and who share similar values.

  • Ask the Hard Questions

Make sure you ask your potential real estate agent questions that will determine your fit. For example, you may have an unconventional schedule, so it’s vital that you are upfront about that with your agent so you can align on the best times to connect and view properties. And don’t be afraid to ask what type of clients they have worked with before, what they know about the area or neighbourhood you plan to purchase in, and what kind of experience they’ve had in the industry before you commit to a relationship. 

George sums up his advice by stating, “an agent with extensive experience in your preferred market and a strong track record with previous clients is only the beginning”. Look for an agent who is familiar with new and effective programs like Rent-to-Own, which helps homebuyers who are new to Canada, or have limited job history, or have gone through a bankruptcy. 

Can’t Get a Traditional Mortgage? 

There are many reasons why one might not qualify for a mortgage – but it doesn’t mean that you can’t live in a home you love. The Clover Properties Rent to Own program is an incredible option for those who want to put their hard-earned money towards their own future. 

George helps homebuyers discover how to stop renting and start putting money back in your pocket. Even with as little as $15,000 saved up for a down payment, George can help you explore what you can afford to buy in today’s Ottawa real estate market.

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