When considering homeownership, it can feel intimidating to jump out into the unknown. Finding the right agent to guide you along the home buying experience requires a certain amount of trust and compassion from both parties. Real estate agent Heather Lochner takes great joy in helping families, married couples, and women find the right match for them in the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area) and North-West area. 

Securing your property is not without its pain points, and many potential homebuyers aren’t aware of the ins and outs required. A Rent-to-Own Smart real estate agent like Heather Lochner understands that the first step to helping you find your home is listening to your wants and needs. 

How to Know Your Real Estate Agent is Really Listening

  • The Agent Takes the Time to Put You First 

Ensuring you are receiving the right help begins with listening. Heather makes an effort to dedicate the proper time to her clients to serve them better. By carefully listening to what each client wants and needs from a perspective home, Heather can apply that knowledge to help you find a home you will love.    the home of each client’s dreams. 

“What makes me unique is my capacity to listen. I spend time with my clients, learning about them and what they want in a home. I work in partnership with my clients, and I believe our partnership can only grow and prosper through looking at properties and listening to their thoughts, impressions, and goals after each viewing. I invest my time in my clients, never pressuring them to purchase a home.”

  • The Agent Treats Your Relationship Like a Partnership

Heather believes that the road to success begins with the direct relationship she has with her clients. Heather works in partnership with you so you can grow and prosper together. While you are looking at properties, Heather pays attention to the fine details by taking note of what you do and do not like at each viewing; this may also include further information surrounding your goals and detailed impressions of each home. Gathering this information helps her partner with you successfully on the next viewing until you can lock down the perfect fit together. 

  • The Agent Does Not Pressure You

The worst mistake an agent can make is pressuring their clients to make a decision they are ultimately not comfortable with. Heather knows that trust and compassion are significant factors in building successful client relationships, that’s why she makes it a rule never to apply pressure on her clients to make a decision they aren’t fully prepared to commit to.

“There is nothing more fulfilling to me than the look of joy on my clients’ faces when they’ve secured their future home,” Heather explains. “But that joy wouldn’t come to life without building an authentic relationship together first.” 

No Opportunity for a Mortgage? 

There are many reasons that families might not qualify for a mortgage today – but it doesn’t have to limit your future goals. The Clover Properties Rent to Own program is an incredible option for those who want to put their hard-earned money towards their own future. 

If you’re wondering what types of homes you can Rent-to-Own in Greater Toronto, Hamilton or North-West GTA, connect with Heather and let her know your wants and needs. Get in touch with Heather by clicking here. 

Clover Properties is a family-run company. Since 2009 we have helped hundreds of families across Ontario get on the path to homeownership. Our flexible Rent to Own program is customized to help homebuyers become mortgage-ready while they enjoy living in the home they want to own. If you’re wondering how you can go house-hunting to find a home you can Rent to Own, get in touch with us. Email Stephanie@StopRentingToday.ca.