There is a common misconception that homeownership is not attainable for single people or families facing setbacks. Those setbacks could be personal or financial, but regardless of their nature, they often leave potential homebuyers feeling lost and defeated. But real estate agent Janet Esau is ready to help change that narrative for the better by helping you understand the benefits of a Rent-to-Own home with Clover Properties. 

When dealing with difficulties such as debt or bankruptcy, it can become challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you may be facing rejection by the banks, Rent-to-Own Smart real estate agent Janet is sympathetic and optimistic she can help you fulfill your dreams of homeownership, even if you’re struggling with these 5 setbacks she has outlined below.

  1. Accumulated Debt 

Debt can come from various sources, like credit cards, student loans, medical, or even taxes. The stress that comes along with financial debt can take a toll on you and often alters your confidence and ability to think positively. The Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program can give you the time you need to pay down debt, while you enjoy living in the home you’ll own.

  1. Unwanted Bankruptcy 

In situations where debt to creditors cannot be repaid, you may find yourself in the undesirable situation of filing for bankruptcy. The impact of claiming bankruptcy is difficult to navigate as it can leave you feeling hopeless and dependent on others. If you’ve been discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, the Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program is designed to help stop renting and move into a home you will own.

  1. Employment Layoffs 

Being laid off from a job is an emotionally draining situation that usually happens swiftly and without warning. After a layoff, you may have found yourself quickly chipping away at your savings, and as a result, like most people, you end up scrambling to make ends meet. Once you’re back to work, the Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program can help you put money back in your pocket and get ahead financially.

  1. Unexpected Illness or Injury 

If you suffered an accident or injury, you could be forced to take leave from the job. If this occurs, it is common to see a negative impact on your personal finances. This is especially true if you don’t have insurance coverage or a backup plan in place. Like many people, you may try to keep up with bills and credit card payments, but understandably may fall behind. If your credit rating was negatively affected during this setback, the Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program can help you repair your credit and create stability while you’re living in a home you want to own.

  1. Recent Divorce 

Going through the motions of a recent divorce is not only emotionally and physically difficult, but it can also often drain your bank account. Lawyers’ fees are often to blame, along with unforeseen costs that pop up and unexpectedly drain savings. If you’re determined to make an amazing fresh start, the Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program may be your next best move. You will get the time you need to restore your credit and build up a bigger down payment. Most importantly, you can set down roots for a new life.

No Opportunity for a Mortgage? 

There are many more reasons why you might not qualify for a mortgage today – but it doesn’t have to limit your future goals. The Clover Properties Rent-to-Own program may be an incredible option if you’re ready to stop renting and want to put your hard-earned money towards your own future. 

Janet helps homebuyers discover how to stop renting and start owning. Get in touch with Janet today, and learn how you can get started.

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