Considering Rent to Own 
by Michael Dominguez.

Many members of the Doors to Wealth team had the opportunity to attend a three day event learning more about the rent to own program with the market leader in that business, Clover properties.

Their success rate is unparalleled in the industry and we at Doors to Wealth are excited tobe partnering with them going forward in helping clients, and family members of clients get into their own home, often years before they would have had they got at it alone.

What sets Clover apart is their diligence in aiding their “tenant buyer” in improving their credit score and putting them in a position to be able to qualify for a mortgage with a prime lender, with great interest rates. In addition, with the forced savings program, the client actually has a significant portion of the down payment by the time the transaction happens, and often with significant equity in the property.

Doors to Wealth typically works with investors, but we are excited to be helping out clients who have some money for a down payment but can’t qualify to own a home right now. Maybe they are self employed with little declared income, perhaps their credit score is a little spotty, or it is possible they are new to the country and don’t have the history toqualify for a mortgage.

Whatever the reason, we encourage you to reach out to our team and we can get you started in the process of getting into YOUR home that YOU can own and building equity to get YOU started.

Watch the videos attached of the testimonial and the snippet of the presentation done by Rachel Oliver of Clover.

Clover works all over Ontario, so if the person wants a home outside of the radius our team typically services, we can set you up with an awesome RTO focused realtor and team.

Even if you don’t need the service, perhaps you know someone who is currently renting, but wants to buy a home. There is no cost to determine if this is a good fit for you or your friend. There is truly nothing to lose. But there is a chance to leapfrog your wealth and your future forward.